... get to know the Lux 9 Team

  • Combined we have 1 ski instructor, 2 mixologists, 3 dog licenses, 8 magazine subscriptions,
    15 certifications, and 45 different social media accounts (for real).
  • We eat lunch as a family (almost) every day.
  • Our musical tastes range from soca beats to folk tunes to heavy metal shredding to anything involving a remix.
  • Jeans are welcome in our office. Sweat pants are not.
  • We assess. We modify. We evolve.
  • Our clients aren’t just accounts. To us, the relationship is what counts.
  • Marketing plans, strategic plans, meal plans, user experience plans, weekend plans…
    we love a good plan.
  • We believe in Community. Love yours and it will love you back.

Lux 9…

what does it mean?

Our name is derived from the latin word meaning light and the lumens rating system, originally created for measuring candlepower.
We like to shed light on things.

Bright. Illuminating. Lux 9.

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